Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Austin Comic Con 2010

I was so busy getting ready for Wizard World Comic Con, I forgot to tell you I was going to be there! My fellow cartoonist Austin Bedell shared a table with me. Buddy system for life! If you haven't checked out his comics and illustrations, now is an excellent time. The things he can do with cross-hatching would make William Howard Taft weep tears of joy. In addition to his art, get a load of all the cool merch he made for the con. Like, literally buy a load of it, you'll make his mustache smile. I was nominated the late night screen-printing intern and hung up those t-shirts to dry. Hand-made, folks!

We were lucky enough to be graced by the ungodly coolness of comic artists Zach Taylor and Chris Sweet, who decided that Austin and I were also awesome, and that we should all be friends. Buddy System +2!

I bought Zach's book, Bear Quest, which is perpetually blowing my mind right now. I told him it reminded me of the SNES game E.V.O., and he knew what I was talking about. Yes! I traded my new Robbie+Bobby mini book with one of Chris' mini books, Two Specks of Light. I was explaining the plot to my girlfriend, and got a little misty-eyed about it all. It's a damn good story. Chris drew the Science Cat comic you see above, wherein Science Cat does cute things in an academic setting. Chris gets Science Cat.

Sorry again that I didn't give you a heads up about Robbie + Bobby's first Comic Con, but just know that it was a smashing success! I sold out of all my mini books! I'm going to be making more real soon, so if you're interested, check back with me for how to get one of your own. The book is handsomely designed and contains all new comics from 2009-2010. Only $5!

Mr. Bedell and I are going to team up again for Staple, the independent media expo in Austin, Texas. It'll be March 5-6, 2011, and we'll have even more bodacious stuff to share with you. We'd really love to see you there!


  1. It was really cool to meet you there, thanks for talking to me! Love the webcomic, will definitely stalk it now. L)

  2. After meeting you at the Con, I decided to check out more of your work. Just now, I received your email and decided to see what new comics you had posted. Both times, I have been pleasantly surprised at the fact that all of the strips are witty, interesting, and offer a unique perspective. Keep up the good work, man! ;)

    Tara Garrigan

  3. Thank you for the encouraging remarks! Stalking is always appreciated, and I can't wait to see you guys at the next event. Thanks for checking out my work!