Friday, April 13, 2012

Robbie and Bobby

Robbie and Bobby

Art School

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 06:39 AM PDT

Sailor Moon over My Hammy

(bonus panel!)

Hmm… this seems creepily familiar… Today’s comic came from a tweet I made awhile ago–I’m on twitter quite a bit! It’s one of my favorite ways to chat with readers. Here’s my profile if you’d like to follow!

Heed the call!

Oh, a letter? For meee?

The Indie Book Fest is tomorrow, but unfortunately I cannot attend. You should still go of course! It’s free, and there are lots of great authors and artists to see–you can meet my buddies Austin Bedell of Skweegie Island and Chris Sweet of Effing Decaf! I’ll have some of my books, posters, and buttons for sale at Austin’s table. Stop by and check it out!

It's free! And entirely delightful!

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